Bling Birthstone And Initial Kids

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Please state your customizations in your note box in your cart. 

That would be gender and birthstone of the kid charms, as well as their initials. 

For example, "June Boy, A, May Girl, B"

The order does not matter because you may place them however you like when they arrive. 

As seen on Leslie AKA 'LesDoMakeup". 

This is a high quality gold plated custom necklace featuring cz stones inspired by diamonds and birthstones.The necklaces features our birthstone kids, bling initial, and our cz balls. Please see the birthstone choices in the 3rd photo. 

The chain is a high quality gold plated fiagro chain.

The initials and birthstone kids are also listed separately (on a chain) in our shop.

We also have this listed without the initials. They are titled "Birthstone Kids" and "Multiple Birthstone Kids". 

Please note that this is a tricolor gold plated necklace. The chain and the initials are champagne gold (yellow with a hint of rose), the kids are yellow gold, and the balls are a silver color.